Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tinlark Gallery
Crossroads of the World,
6671 Sunset Blvd # 1512, Hollywood,
CA 90404 ph: 323 463 0039

Scott David Johnson & Kirsten Tradowsky
April 4, 2009 - May 9, 2009
Tinlark warmly welcomes back Scott David Johnson for his second solo show in the Main Gallery.

Chicago artist Johnson creates oil paintings that are a survey of recognizable objects that bloom in the landscape around us. Separating most of these objects from their surroundings, Johnson allows their contexts to evaporate, letting ambiguity fill the empty spaces. While some of these objects explore the whimsy of once-dominant icons dissolving into the mists of memory, others suggest messes that need to be cleaned up, as lessons are learned from past mistakes. When Johnson turns his eye on these objects, he shares with us his fascination with their intricacies, no matter how obsolete, and their intriguing patterns, no matter how troubling.

"Bomb Squad," 2009, 24" x 26", oil on linen on panel

Also returning for her second solo show in the Project Room is San Francisco's Kirsten Tradowsky.

In her current series of oil paintings, there is a fluctuation between mirage and reality, with monochromatic scuba divers in a field of fireworks, or a gathering of tiny people inside a suitcase. Tradowsky uses icons that represent order such as groups, clocks and numbers, and intersperses them with elements of interruption and surprise. There is a contrast between the scale of objects and people that induces a tension between one’s internal and external experiences. In a world that is at times monotonous and conformist, these paintings suggest whimsical daydreams that give one a place for reinvention.

"Carry On," 2009, oil on canvas

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